food love - make food waste disappear

Looking at the relationship humans have to their food, there is one thing which is apparent: food is not nearly worth as much as it used to be ages ago, we lost our value for food. Nowadays it is comparably cheap and highly available in most european countries. 

The appaling fact is, that you will throw away 1/3 of the food you buy every year. And most of it is perfectly good and still good enought to eat. You could save over 300 pounds anually by preventing food waste and dealing a little more intelligent with food. But why is so much food wasted ? 

There are a lot of different reasons why so much food is wasted, especially cooked food. But the most striking reason is because people prepare or cook too much, they cook more than they can eat and more than their body needs.And moreover, because we not always know excactly how much or when we are going to cook, we often buy too much food.

So this project is about preventing food waste, and encourage people to cook by themselves and cook healthier. Because the problem is rooted deeply in peoples behaviour, I think to solve this problem or attitude, it needs more than a single product.

My solution is structured into three different parts, combined under a fictional brand without a name,the ´reduce waste brand´.
1.) The first part is a ´cooking concept‘ which shows people that cooking is not so complicated and time consuming as they might think, but that a healthy food is easy and fast to cook and doesn‘t need much. I created four colourcoded categories, each representing a different kind of food, e.g. carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, vegetables etc. . So every meal consists of one ingredient of each category, giving different nutrients for a healthy and balanced meal.

2.) So the second part of my solution is a type of scale, which shows you how much of an ingredient you have to cook for a certain amount of people. You only have to place your pan or pot on the scale and add the ingredient until you have the right amount. It is called the ´scale concept´.

3.) The third aspect of my concept tries to help people to think longer lasting about food and also rise the value food has in peoples minds, with the so called ´service concept´.  The fictional brand will not only provide information about nutrition, healthy living, but also help people plan their meals or shopping lists to save even more waste and money.

Summing up i can say that this concept tries different things at the same time. On the one hand, it helps to reduce food waste, excessive overconsumption and rise the awareness of the value food should have. This is a benefit affecting society in general. On the other hand, the benefits for individuals are that they can save a lot of money, not only by not throwing away food, but by also cooking more instead of paying for fastfood. And, more important, it helps them to eat and live healthier.