Generation Y Freak Show Posters
The Generation Y Freak Show Posters was a project I did my senior year of college. This was an experimental mixed media project that lasted the full duration of a semester. It took a lot of trial and error to find the method that worked best, but it was a rewarding process in the end. The final pieces are 6.5” x 9.5” photo intaglio prints that were hand-drawn in Adobe Illustrator and broken down into CMYK seperations. I then produced a vintage grunge intaglio ink transfer using a print making hand press. With the modern concept of generation y’s obession with social media, I devolved these prints to be reminiscent of Victorian freak show posters.
To remain authentic to this concept, I allowed the anomolies in printmaking to remain. Since this process was new to the university it took a lot of trial and error to fully produce each poster. The entire series incorporates the use of fine art, graphic design and graphic communications (or print). The fine art aspect is the adoption of using printmaking to produce the final pieces and allowing the process to use its inconsistent variables to create the look and feel. The graphic design aspect is using Adobe Illustrator and the Wacom Tablet to layout the document in its original state. The use of the CMYK color process makes the print aspect of this piece.
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