Crolls Customs Logo

The Crolls Customs logo was a client project requested in 2011. The business is an automotive shop specializing
in auto body restoration, repair and custom paint jobs. Located in Temple, PA the company came to me requesting I improve their current logo to an updated version that could be produced in decals, t-shirts and more.
The original logo was a raster image with a spray gun paint cup attached to a revolver. They wanted to maintain the same concept, so I rendered the design into vector format with added detail. The scripted “C”s located around the paint cup enhance the feeling of the hot rod culture by showcasing the pin striping effect. The “C”s utilize the same font as in the full logo; this is to help maintain brand identity.
The color gold was chosen because it has the feeling of being rich and perfect, two aspects that shadow the hot rod culture. The logo was featured in the Las Vegas, SEMA show on November 1, 2012, showcased on a Crolls Customs 2012 Honda Civic Si. The final design was created using Adobe Illustrator.

Crolls Customs logo in a landscape version with the client's address
Logo scaled to 800% to show detail
Grayscale version
White one-color version
Black one-color version