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geomanist font
geomanist font, download regular weight for free:

geomanist samples
opentype features
case-sensitive forms
when all-caps styling is applied, numerals and punctuation marks will be replaced with variants
that align better with the capital letters.
fractions, superiors and ordinals
geomanist includes features for numeric typography, including pre-designed fractions, numerators and denominators, superscript, scientific inferiors and ordinals
tabular figures
tabular figures each have the same width, this uniform spacing allows them to align vertically in tables, price lists, financial reports and other columns of figures.
geomanist includes characters for use in the following: afrikaans, albanian, basque, bosnian, breton, catalan, croatian, czech, danish, dutch, english, esperanto, estonian, faroese, finnish, french, gaelic, galician, german, greenlandic, hungarian, icelandic, irish, italian, latvian, lithuanian, luxembourgish, malagasy, norwegian, polish, portuguese, romanian, slovak, slovenian, serbian latin, sorbian, spanish, swahili, swedish, turkish, walloon, welsh.
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geomanist font

geomanist font

geomanist has a contemporary sans design, clean and elegant, with a combination of geometric shapes and humanistic beat. ________ geomanist tien Read More