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DrNo Effects
DrNo Effects
Logo, illustrations and packaging design
Recently I created the logo artwork and packaging design for DrNo Effects, a range of vintage guitar effect pedals. It has been an absolute pleasure to work on this job as I always love to mix graphic design, custom lettering and illustration. This project had all of these elements. I started by doing some rough sketches, and created six different vintage styles, one for each guitar effect. Within each artwork, I tried to reflect the sound and style of the effect. I created custom letters to make every effect unique and special. Finally, I placed the sketches in Illustrator, traced them and added colour. 

As I'm a guitar player myself I have to say these vintage guitar effects are truly amazing and really take you back in time. But I guess this goes without saying as Alain Johannes of Queens of the Stone Age is one of the many users of DrNo effects. The effects are produced using the best components and materials available, and every stomp box is 100% handmade by DrNo himself.

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