Award Winning Artwork on iHeartRadio Creative Invite
The Brief
iHeartRadio is challenging artists and graphic designers to create artwork that could be made into an ad that helps capture the spirit of iHeartRadio. You can draw inspiration from the brand messaging that is found in the ‘inspiration’, or you can come up with something that is completely fresh and alternative – the choice is yours. The main thing the judges are looking for is artwork that could be made into an ad that captures the identity of iHeartRadio and tells a story that resonates well with music fans worldwide.
The Concept:
This artwork was inspired by the concept about "connection that comes from a shared experience listening to a great radio station". Music has the power to bring together people from all around the world, no matter what their race or their religion is, and this is represented by the faces of listeners painted in different colors. Metaphor of spreading the music by iHeartRadio is designed with the logo and magnetic tape reels.