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    Branding and signage for an urban trail.
Jones Falls TrailBranding and Signage for an Urban Trail

The Jones Falls Trail is a historic trail located in Baltimore, Maryland. The trail itself is not an “outdoorsy” trail as it is surrounded by railroad tracks, dilapidated buildings, and old industrial buildings—this might be a reason that people do not frequent the trail, but I embraced the trails grittiness and connected it with Baltimore’s industrial and railroad history.
Large two-sided entrance markers located at the main entrances welcome drivers, pedestrians, and bikers. The signs also provide a happy farewell. The walls of the buildings at Maryland Avenue and E. Lafayette serve as art space, displaying murals that celebrate Baltimore’s industrial roots.  I also recommend some additions to the trail, specifically an exercise station located underneath the North Avenue Bridge, that would serve as the trai's main hub. This hubs would serve as incentive to walk the trail if somebody coming from the reservoir and also attract pedestrian and bike traffic from North Avenue and the North Avenue Bridge.