I got to speak at the kick off of the Creative Jam events by Adobe in the US in San Francisco. It was held at PARISOMA, a great coworking space full of character. 
This series of events allows creatives to come together and work on projects around a theme. Before the projects are shared, several people spoke including myself, Paul Trani, and Joshua Davis. 
I did this logo for the events team to use for future versions of the event. Be sure check out he site and see if its coming to a city near you. 
I also did a quick animation experiment using the history scrub in Adobe Sketch. Working a more comprehensive timelapse for the process currently too. 
Below are some early explorations at the sketch stage and even taking the final a few steps further. All the sketching was done in Adobe Sketch on the iPad, while the final versions were finished in Adobe Illustrator. 
Below this point are some examples of usage for the logo and a recap vid from the San Francisco event.