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    An organization dedicated to providing aid and building homes/Domes for victims of natural disasters.
Domes For Homes is an organization dedicated to providing aid and building sustainable homes as domes for communities who have suffered the harms of natural disasters such as earthquakes.

The purpose is to make the construction a benefit for the families as well for the environment, the name of these domes are called EcoShells. The construction of EcoShells offers a low cost permanent solution that will address these and many other deficiencies plaguing many parts of the world.

The idea in this direct mail piece is to inform the donors about the organization, the process, the design, history, and upcoming events where they can keep participating. To show in a didactic way the concept of building/lifting homes for communities affected by natural disasters, a pop-up dome is placed in the center panel. By lifting the pop-up dome it enhances the idea of building EcoShells for the families.
For more information about Domes For Homes and the EcoShells visit: