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TriColore FREE Font
Multicolored typeface in EPS (Adobe Illustrator) format
Following the success of Multicolore vector typeface, I'm happy to present you Tricolore. Based exclusively on Multicolore shapes, this iteration is simpler in number of colors, but includes more color pallettes and gives you creative freedom to design create short texts for headlines, posters, logos or anything else. 
NOTE: this is not a font and you cannot write with it in your favorite program - you will need a vector editing application like Adobe Illustrator to assemble your designs.
Color Palette options
Some helpful advice: when moving and aligning characters, ALWAYS choose Verticall Align Center (as shown on the screenshot). Letters like O and C are slightly bigger to optically better fit into your design, so they must be aligned like that.
Colors swatches for every color palette are Global, which means that if you want to change one of the 3 colors (or all of them, respectively) you can double-click on the desired color swatch in the Swatches floating palette, specify desired values and save the swatch. The colors will change for every letter in your design.
To open the included files you need at Adobe Illustrator CS3 or better.

Download ZIP file (contains 7 Adobe Illustrator CS3 AI files)

if you like my work and get a good use for Tricolore, you can say thank you by sending me a donation to my paypal account: dphrag@gmail.com.

And while not mandatory I would really appreciate if you choose to credit me, somewhere in your projects, if it allows it :) THANKS!!!
TriColore FREE Font


TriColore FREE Font

FREE vector typeface with 7 color palettes