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    Launch of needfortweed.com
Honorary guest at the Need for Tweed launch party in Brooklyn, NY: Real-life CIA agent Tony Mendez, from the Oscar-winning movie Argo. (Photo by Richard Ballard)
The origianl Harris Tweed jacket worn by CIA agent Tony Mendez while he was recuing 6 American diplomants from Iran in 1979. (Photo by Richard Ballard)
Designer Greg Chapman at the launch party of Need for Tweed. The jacket is the classic motorcycle leather jacket form Schott NYC, worn by people like Marlon Brando and Bon Jovi, now redesigned in Harris Tweed. (Photo by Richard Ballard)
At the launch party of Need for Tweed: Coldplay / Jay-Z stylist Rebecca Pietri and Vogue editor Lynn P. Yaeger. (Photo by Richard Ballard)
Creative director of Harris Tweed Hebrides Mark Hogarth and model Robin Scott. (Photo by Richard Ballard)
Team LBNY: André Gidoin, Simen Braathen, Michael Canning, Stian W. Bugten and Kieran Antill. (Photo by Richard Ballard)