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    This was my senior project for Hair and Make-up Design during my undergrad at Utah State University.
Step on a Crack 
A children's show produced by Utah State University
Hair/Make-up Design: Molly Pack
Costume Design: Annie Lyman Burdzy
Set Design: Mauri Smith
I did not realize how much fun this project was going to be when I first read the script for Step on a Crack. The costume designer, as well as the director and other designers, felt that it was important to bring to life Ellie's world. Ellie is the daughter of Max (first picture) who is the manager of a junk yard.  Max very regularly brings home "junk" for Ellie to play with.  Ellie's mom passes away about 6 years before the play begins and Max decides to get remarried.  We then see how Ellie's imaginary friends, Lana and Frizbee, help her deal with the pain that comes from such an event. 
This is Max, Ellie's father. 
This is Ellie, the protagonist of the play. 
This is Lana, Elli'es sassy imaginary friend. 
This is Frizbee, another one of Ellie's imaginary friends. 
This is Voice. She is the mirror image of Ellie who represents the evil voice inside all of us, telling us our worst nightmares.
Lastly, this is Lucille. Lucille is Max's new wife and according to Ellie, "a wicked stepmother."
Production photos 
And here are the renderings I did for each individual character for their hair and make-up design.
This is the Hair and Make-up rendering I did for Max
Hair and Make-up rendering for Ellie
Hair and Make-up rendering for Lana
Hair and Make-up rendering for Frizbee
Hair and Make-up rendering for Voice
Hair and Make-up rendering for Lucille
I received the KCACTF National Allied Crafts and Technology award for my make-up/hair design in this production of Step on a Crack at the Region 8, 2012 Festival.