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    lyrical abstract large-scale landscape paintings in oil on canvas
bliss and oblivion (detail)
cold quiet
interior landscapes

  cold quiet
II  bliss and oblivion
III the bond is broken
IV love found us resurrected
V  last vespers  
This series of lyrical, abstract landscapes are atmospheric and quietly expressive. Inspiration, drawn from both memory and nature, combines with personal experience and imagination to produce interior landscapes that, while subjective, are also reflections of the larger world that we all share. Contemplation of each piece can reveal its unique, evocative imagery.  
cold quiet/ oil and drywall tape on canvas/ 48" x 48"
bliss and oblivion/ oil, glitter, flowers and chalk on canvas/ 48" x 72"
the bond is broken/ oil on canvas/ 40" x 60"
love found us resurrected/ oil on canvas/ 48" x 48"
last vespers/ oil on canvas/ 48" x 48"
bliss and oblivion (detail)