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Planned Giving Materials
Ploughshares Fund print materials targeted at constituents likely to include Ploughshares Fund in their will

In 2009, Ploughshares Fund increased it planned gift marketing activities. This required a new slate of promotional print materials to inform donors and constituents about the planned gift options.
The "Bequest" Brochure

This single fold brochure was designed with an olde audience in mind, somewhere between 65 - 75 years old. This that in mind, the typeface is larger and more white space is employed to increase readability. The imagery is intended to express a "down home" feel and evoke some feelings of nostalgia and desire to leave a legacy.

The whole package was mailed in a velum envelope so design considerations were made on the back page to facilitate successful mailing.

I acquired the cover image (right) from Flickr creative commons and took and cleaned the picture of Samara Dun (left) for the back cover.
The photo on the right was also found using Flickr creative commons.
IRA Rollover Buck Slip

In 2010, Ploughshares Fund mailed a buck slip promoting IRA rollover opportunities as an extension of the planned giving efforts. The buck slip featured the board chairman and carried through a similar design to previous planned giving materials.