Newsletter Layout
My layout experience is primarily in newsletters, books, and brochures
The Field Brief - Phase 2
After an initial redesign to bring The Field Brief up to typographic standards (shown in phase 1 below), I moved to phase 2 of the redesign process.
In phase 2 I focused on reorienting the layout to facilitate a better reading experience, more imagery, and a folding structure that collapses the piece to standard mailing size.
When folded for mailing, The Field Brief collapses down to the addressee panel with the teaser or splash image on the opposite side.
Phase 1: Ploughshares Fund Newsletters - The Field Brief

The basic design for the Ploughshares Fund Newsletter was done by an outside designer who did not focus on the typography of the piece. To provide more structure and a cohesive look, I rebuilt the paragraph styles using a baseline grid and left justified text to keep the clean, structured look that has become a part of Ploughshares Fund's brand. In addition, I added the title, The Field Brief, to further enforce that this piece is a distinct product with a set purpose rather than just a "throw away" newsletter.

I am also responsible for all photo research for these pieces.
Page one of Ploughshares Fund's Summer 2011 Newsletter. I also took and color processed the photo of James C. Hormel featured in this issue.

The newsletter is folded into thirds and tabbed for mailing.
Page two of Ploughshares Fund's Summer 2011 Newsletter. The blue box in the last panel indicates the postmark zone for the printer.
The Field Brief Fall 2011. The I provided the art direction and initial design for the "Early Warning" radar logo seen in the web site plug at the bottom of the page. This logo is featured prominently on
The pie chart graphic featured on page two comes from a blog post around the same time as the newsletter release in order to keep clear connections between online and off-line publication and maximize the use of creative assets.