Advanced Retouching Techniques Course
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    Course link: Creative advertising is what drives brands and … Read More
    Course link: Creative advertising is what drives brands and makes them relevant to the modern world. In this course you’ll learn how to use compositing and retouching to create an effective advertisement. You’ll learn how to incorporate a product shot, in this case a beer bottle, into a dramatic scene to help emphasise the beer and create an effective advert that you couldn't produce with natural photography. Read Less
This project was for a video course for tuts+ in design & illustration.
The course title is Advanced Retouching for advertising. I wanted to create something easy to follow but at the same time dynamic and have elements which are used in real advertising. The course goes through every step from basic setup to creating definition using shadows and highlights. Iif you would like to learn how to create this image then go sign up for the tuts+ course using this link.
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Please visit the online video course here: Retouching Course