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Project: BOAB100
Client: Wesfarmers Arts
In 2013 Wesfarmers and Waringarri Aboriginal Arts brought together 15 Kimberley artists to create an original limited-edition gift to mark the Centenary of Wesfarmers in 2014. 
In choosing a centenary gift, Wesfarmers comissioned 15 Kimberly Waringarri artists to cast aluminium sculptures from their original engravings. Honouring the centenary theme, each boab design is reproduced in a limited edition of 100, signed by the artist, numbered and stamped with the Wesfarmers centenary seal.
Four complete sets of the BOAB100 suite of 15 sculptures have been gifted by Wesfarmers in 2014 to galleries including the National Gallery of Australia and the Art Gallery of Western Australia. Two additional sets are held in the Wesfarmers Collection of Australian Art and the Waringarri Aboriginal Arts archive gallery. Translating this traditional art form into the contemporary medium of cast aluminium has enabled the Waringarri to trial a range of new approaches to art form development and audience reach in partnership with specialist art and architectural production house Urban Art Projects, operating in Brisbane and Shanghai. 
Boxes and brochures were created for the individual scultptures that were gifted to the guests at 2014 Wesfarmers Centenary Dinners. Collection boxes were also hand built for each of the gallery's sets. A cabinet was also branded to showcase the collection.
Photography: Angelita Bonetti, Robert Frith and Linda Hannig
Illustration: Kate Williams
Photo above: Robert Frith