Gniezno Poviat 
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The Gniezno Poviat is an area of 1254 km2 located in the Wielkopolska Province - one of the largest regions in the west of Poland. The term poviat refers to the second level in the local authorities administrative organization in Poland. The capital of the district is Gniezno - the first historic capital city of Poland. The population of the Gniezno Poviat is approximately 140,000.  

The aim of the project was to create new identity for Gniezno Poviat. Region with a very rich history and the place where the first rulers of Poland established their capital.
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The process:

The aim was to depict tradition with the modern twist. The very first idea was based on the pagan symbol from the coin artifact found at the area of Gniezno. At this time I tried to avoid direct connections between Gniezno and the history of Poland. When I stripped the symbol to the basic shapes the silhouette of a bird appeared. At this point I also realized that history is the biggest factor that differentiates the region from the other parts of Poland. The connection with the Polish coat of arms was the obvious one. Combining the two into one symbol sealed the deal. It is almost the depiction of the actual history of the region beginning in pagan times, through early christian era to the modern day.
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