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    some work for my master project: Creature Prison
Received this brief from my tutor for my MA module Character&Environment design.
Creacure Prison is a high security prison – purpose built for ‘special’ inmates.
Prison Governor
Intellectual, ineffective leader. Concerned with idealistic issues whilst the brutal reality of the prison seems to be unnoticed by him.
Head Warden
Brutal psychopath. Prone to indulging in acts of pointless cruelty.
New to the job and finding that things are not what he expected.
Efficient and polite (Albert Pierrepoint)
Exotic collection of ???
Special VIP Prisoner
Hidden away and unseen.
Naturally something sinister is probably going on behind the scenes. Possibly an undetected plot by some of the inmates to evoke some ancient mythical demon. Or something more sophisticated. Maybe the prison has a terrible secret?
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