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    Motion graphics and Editing.

Malaga Cinema festival
Malaga Cinema is a festival that takes place in the capital of the Coast of the Sun, Spain. It combines all kind of events related to cinema, each year focused on a theme. It adds a different look to the film related activities then the Malaga Film Festival has to offer. Both giving to Málaga a wide cultural aperture to everyone that is interested in learning and enjoying the world of the 7th Art.  

Emotioner has worked, two years in a row, in the visuals projected in the closing ceremony of the festival, providing to the show a concept-based stylish videos that accompany the performance on the stage in front of more than 400 people. 
Videos made for each year:
Organized by Diputación de Málaga, Cultural department.
Malaga Cinema 2011
Future, people and culture.

Video created for the closing ceremony of the festival “Malaga Cinema 2011″. 

The idea was to create a video based on a collection of suggesting images that tells things only in a visual way. All mixed up from different artistic techniques and in a handmade crafted way. The rules were:

Materials used: 

Malaga cinema 2010
Encounter of cultures.
Motion graphics animation created for the awards ceremony of the II Malaga Cinema Festival 2010, which main theme was the Encounter of Cultures.
Movies, radio, short-films, music and documentaries are gathered together in this annual event promoted by Diputacion de Malaga.
The video tries to connect with the public in a magical, vintage, melancholic way. It shows different cultures that have to emigrate, people of all kinds forced to leave their home lands to find a better future. The cultures are represented in the events of the festival as an approach to film and arts to everyone from everywhere, all welcomed to share experiences and emotions.
The video was created, mostly, with personal pictures of family scanned. Ancient maps animated and old pictures of Málaga mixed-up to create a journey of all humans. All this connected by a red shooting star that unifies concepts.

Also some stop-motion animates were created to illustrate concepts. The award statue of the festival and a planet Earth.