Countdown to Zero Event Materials
Ploughshares Fund partnered with Participant Media for a premiere of the film Countdown to Zero at the Kabuki Sundance Theater in San Francisco, CA.
Event Invite
The event invite was designed using imagery provided by Participant Media and the Kabuki Sundance Theater. The goal was to keep Ploughshares Fund's look and feel prominent while making clear that this is a film event at a third party location.

The invite itself is a tabbed self-mailer with a single fold. The back cover (not shown) contains a simple return address block for easy mail processing.
The cover of the invite featured imagery provided by Participant Media in the main panel and images of the Kabuki Sundance in the side panel.
This invite opened so that the "Who, what, where" were presented with a simple map opposite an event summary and host committee listing.
Event Poster

This poster was displayed at the entrance to the Kabui Theater to help guide guests to the registration booth and inform onlookers about the film and the panel discussion. The poster also provided an opportunity to publicly acknowledge the host committee.

The event poster is 35" x 25" and features a speaker's panel and host committee listing.
Event Badges

Two event badge designs were produced. Both were displayed in a lanyard for attendees to wear. The screening pass badge carries the look and feel of the invite and poster while the stand-by badge maintained the sidebar detail but used a large red field so that security could easily identify stand-by guests in the event the theater was over capacity.

Screening passes were issued to event attendee and worn on lanyards during the film screening.
A handful of "Stand-by" passes were issued to late booking attendees in case of RSVP no-shows.