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    A series of paintings I have made.
Experimental & Expressive Paintings
Illustrating a thought process
These paintings represent the way I look at everyday objects, situations and the environment. They describe my thought processes and my inner feelings. Often a conflicting mass of emotions, enthusiastic energy or immense joy. Influenced by the artist: David Kinsey.
Paints used: Angelus Leather paint, Krink Ink, Acrylic and Gouache.
"Love and Pride" - 2012
Photo Reference: Copyright nick brandt.
"Paint me like one of your french girls" - 2012
Photo Reference: Copyright AKM Photography.
"Internal Confusion" - 2011
Sam - 2011
"Gone Fishing" - 2012
"Thought and Memory" - 2010
'War Horse' - 2012
'War Horse Typography' - 2012 (Work in progress)
"Mind Over Matter" - 2012
"Great Art picks up where nature ends." - 2011  
Sea Dragons - 2011
The Places Where I Belong - 2011
"Absolut Manning"
"Melting pot" - Typography, 2011
"Melting pot" - Typography, 2011
"Twitter Bird" - 2012
A new painting which is soon to be finished.
Updated version of the painting, will almost be finished.
"Captivated" - 2012
"Where Lions ride" - 2012
Illustration commissioned for 'Manual de Uso Cultural' Magazine - 2013

For an article about the film 'Les Enfants Terribles' (1950)