Urban tissue experiment
I’ve made an attempt to transfer a leafs vein system to a functioning urban tissue. A fig leafs nutrient supply is very similar to a urban structure, fits more or less the fuctional requirments, and looks great. 
Different type of leafs have different vein layout, shape and complexity, which could be used as a frame for a city’s structure. 
A macro view of the fig leaf, around 1 cm wide.
I made five level of line weights from the organic fractal system of the leaf, which determines the smalllest building elements of the city structure.
I decided to use the first two levels /orange/ for vehicle traffic, under the second level the regions became pedestrian zones, with two more levels of footpaths. 
The smallest elements became the layout of the separate buildings, or the building blocks of the park. The buildings that cant be reached by any of the footpaths are became inner courtyards.
3D models of the process, this region is about 700 meters wide.
I’ve used a smaller region of the above shown pattern to demonstrate the final look of the fractalic city. The smaller sub-systems of the city such as lighting or street furnitures can also fit into the frame.