Aztecas is FOR SALE now :
This is a new project  (actually an old... ). It's an aztec card game. I made it with the original aztec divinity from various codex.
I tried to arrange the heads with the element of each god :
                - Clubs : The Death
                - Spades : The nature
                - Hearts : The mountain
                - Diamonds : The sun
If you see any mistake about the lore (the informations about the gods are from Internet...) or about the cards (something missing?) don't hesitate to tell me ;)
Clubs :
King : Tezcatlipoca god of night and death.
Queen : Xolotl god of nightfall.
Jack : Chalchiuhtotolin god of disease.
Spades :
King : Quetzalcoatl god of wind.
Queen : Chalchiuhtlicue goddess of water.
Jack : Tlaloc god of rain.
Hearts :
King : Mixcoatl god of the hunt
Queen : Tepeyollotl god of mountains
Jack : Itztlacoliuhqui god of frost
Diamonds :
King :Huitzilopochtli god of sun
Queen : Tonatiuh god of sun
Jack : Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli god of dawn
The jokers and the back of the cards.
Aztec Card Game

Aztec Card Game

A card game about Aztec Mythology. (now for sale)