Mandalas are present since ever in almost all culture from PaleolithicAfrica to Middle Age and acquire a strong importance for Buddhism. Weadopted this archetype to express our view about the graphic designer’job. By making the Mandala we wanted to symbolize the complexity ofdesigning, the quest, the great efforts and the attention to detailsbehind every work, as well as the grow by doing i.e. the ability tolearn from any experience and use it as a breathing space andprofessional enrichment. After some time the Buddhist tradition wants that Mandalas arebusted up by sweeping its sand away; we believed this gesture is wellrepresenting the “destroy to make it better” concept, to avoid to growfond of a project but, instead, to always try to improve it.
Finally, by this destruction we wanted to ironically recall that somany graphic artifacts tend to disappear very soon simply becoming thetomorrow garbage. This Mandala was created to illustrate an interview we had with ddn free (italian magazine), Design Diffusion Edizioni’ magazine.