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    Woot site redesign.
One of the major projects I worked on at Woot was a complete site redesign, coinciding with the introduction of flash sale events. Prior to the redesign, Woot sold one deal per day on each of its sites (i.e. one on the main Woot site, one on the kids site, one on the wine site, etc.). 
Design tasks were split between myself and one other designer, and we worked with our design manager, PMs, tech leads, devs, and stakeholders to bring it all together. I focused on the Woot Account pages (shown below). Formerly, purchase history was broken down by category, but I merged everything into one account hub. 
The redesign launched on web first, and we moved to mobile shortly thereafter. 
I pushed for a "sticky" global navigation on Woot that would have a dropdown preview of each of the site's offerings. The preview would feature the main daily deal on that category, and have quick links to each of the flash sale events.
The dropdown preview was styled to match the amount of events active on the focused category site. See wireframes and final designs below.
Iterations of the purchase history on mobile web after the introduction of the shopping cart. Prior to launching the cart, purchases were made as one-offs (similar to how digital purchases are made). With the new ordering system, multiple items needed to be represented in order details. I was in charge of purchase history and all order pages, emails, and updates.
Order detail page after shopping cart was launched on mobile and web. Figuring out how to display shipping groups was a challenge, and there were legal issues to consider as well, since wine sold on the site needed to be called out as a separate bundle.