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    Rebranding Eye Story
The rebranding of the eyewear shop, Eye Story, was aimed at portraying the trendy and unique style of the eyewear that Eye Story sells. The previous logo was slightly outdated and its typeface and overall design was lacking in identity and did not reflect the youthful personality of the shop. Hence, the new logo was designed to be more sleek and clean, using teal and coral – bright and happy colours, as the brand colours.
In addition, to give the spectacle logo an identity feature that will only be unique to Eye Story, the initials of the name of the shop - E.S, were incorporated into the spectacle frame at the middle joint.
The business card is made of clear plastic with frosted parts to portray the concept of having a blur vision without glasses (frosted areas) and having a clear vision (clear plastic) with the aid of glasses (the two round clear circles to signify spectacles). The logo and company information is placed on the two round clear circles to convey the meaning that Eye Story can help your vision be clear.
The ribbon detail on the top left signifying a bookmark, brings out the ‘story’ in ‘Eye Story’ and to portray the idea that Eye Story is a shop worthy of being bookmarked and revisited. 
The spectacles on the left side of the letterhead that is clearer than the ones in the background pattern serves as a representation of the person receiving the letter, and that is where his/her name will be, along with his/her information. 
When the opening flap is tucked in, the spectacles logo will still be seen.