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    We live in a time of confusion and transition in our world. I wonder if we could have some kind of theoretical, rational expression that can defi… Read More
    We live in a time of confusion and transition in our world. I wonder if we could have some kind of theoretical, rational expression that can define art nowadays, even if we still do not know where this is going to lead us... After all, is art an unconscious, documented process of an era? If education, culture and art are part of human evolution, then why so much speculation, why is there so much confusion and illusion about contemporary art being done by the hands of anyone? That is wrong! If art is expression and at the same time if art needs education and culture to be liberated, then what a big challenge and responsibility real artists have nowadays! There are many art creation expressions claiming to be art, but not all of them are necessarily what we will be calling art in the near future and after reviewing the complete process of it! Art is conceived from a strong process of belief, coming from a courageous process of thinking and living free. A very important role of an art piece is its concept, which is far different from its communication capacity. Since we are replacing words by other communication codes, we need to know how to use image and visual expression as a complete process of communication. NO ART* will be seen by different people in different countries, but the message remains strongly universal: we urge reflection and introspection regarding the process, we now demand to transform the process of freedom through contemporary art creation now. Where is art, how do we get it and how do we feel it? No thinking, no expression, no communication. Art as human expression brings us to different levels of thoughts and feelings. It transports us to places we cannot go by ourselves and makes us understand the differences and similarities between human beings. The objective of art is also to let us think different, to let us look and see different, to transport those feelings and thinking into the real world and change the present times. There is no art without changing. There is no art without questioning or revealing us the present moment status telling us there are other ways of doing it. If art gives us the chance of questioning and rethinking our present, we are responsible to give it space. We need to let art invade our lives and lead our way to progress, linking past and future in a harmonious, perfect process of evolution. No Art? I wonder if we had no art in this room, in this location, in this country and no art in the entire world! I wonder if the eventual emptiness of this room could perfectly express the emptiness of our lives without being able to create, without the ability to question or to find our escapes throughout art. Without art this is a room of impossibilities. NO ART*. Ricardo Fernandes Member of AICA (International Association of Art Critics) Read Less