Nissos Label Design
After the success of the "7 Μποφόρ" (7 Beaufort) label design created in September, 2014 Cyclades Microbrewery at Tinos island, a small island brewery on Tinos Island in the Cyclades, producing craft beer under the brand name "NISSOS beer", asked me to continue the design collaboration, into a new product. In this instance, the design would be purely graphical and minimalistic. After some discussion with the owner, it was suggested and agreed the label was important in the fact that it should represent Greece as a national, and highlight the fact that Nissos is one of the few major Microbreweries operating in the region on such a scale.
The outline of the brief was a simple idea to create a new beer label, for a low alcohol beer; with a sub-text of "All-Day lager" to represent the nature of the beer to be consummed throughout the day. The brewery is set in the Cyclades region of the Aegean sea, in Greece, and so there was a defined emphasis to include the sea, certain colour themes for the country of Greece, and a simplicity.
Specific requirements for the project were; colours, waves, and simplicty.
This was a simpler project to evaluate and construct as far as process goes. The beer was a low alcohol lager, with use of organic produce. The main restriction in the development was the fact that the label had to tie into the already existing label that was already on the market. Nissos wished to pervey an indentity to the market. So, with this restriction in mind the design conceptualisation was started.
Originally the word 'Ελλάδα' (Greece) was to be used in the overall design aspect, as in identity to the country was felt to be strong. But after realisation it was becoming a dominant aspect to the labels overall look and feel it was taken out, even though originally it provided a strong design element. Leaving the remnents of a style that was later turned into the final form.
As the label had to be simple, and also be representative of Greece, there was a reliance on the design aspect of simple wave patterns. Together with this was the incorporation of a basic and simple palette, which is that of the Greek flag. Featured here are the dsign aspects and process.

Client: Cyclades Microbrewery at Tinos island
Beer Label (Illustrator CC)
File size: 6Mbs
Layers: 7
Dimensions: 593.97x341.98px/510x245.67px (artwork)
Hours: 57hr
The label will be printed on clear plastic, and so allows for the elements to float as they do. Due to the mechanism and layout of previous productions, the label architecture had to remain consistent with the development of previous label designs, regarding the template.
This is the final label grid. I find it better, as a design practice to have complimentary elements in the design, so I try to make sure all elements fit on symmetrical and reflective grid patterns to enhance the feel.
The grey background is to show the white label. This will be transparent on the bottle, as in the mock-up.
One of the options being look at for the design of the label was the combination of elements that made up the principles of night and day (all-day). Some research found some ancient symbols that represented the elements of water and earth (to indicate island) and in this example they were brought together to make the minimalist values of a label.
The next phase, after a discussion with the client, was to look at the waves option more strongly. This variation shows the values of looking for an asymmetrical possibility.
An extension of the previous idea that was to make the waves into a combination of the Greek flag as well.
After a walk with my dog, I had a little brainstorm and came up with the minimal version you see above. This was the starting point to the final concept, and reduces the waves into a familar form, as well as having a very defined typographic variation on the word Ελλάδα, that was cleverly incorporated into the wave form.
As part of the development process, it was required to develop some extra elements for display purposed at trade shows. One of which was the one sheet flyer (seen above), that was designed to enhance that feeling of the sea and simplicty.
Nissos Label Design

Nissos Label Design

New beer label design for a New Nissos Beer.


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