Motion graphics show package for NBC’s Cozi TV. This project involved concepting, creation of a logo, opening title sequence, and bump transition animations.

Since the show was about historical buildings and architecture, I created a chiseled logotype which I brought into Cinema 4D to give it dimension.

Each scene brings historical photographs from the Library of Congress to life with color treatments and depth created using a parallax zoom effect.
Process: Creating the Logotype

This project began with creating an identity for the show. Since the content of the show dealt with historical buildings and architecture, I set off to find a look that felt appropriate for the subject matter.
A first pass at the logotype using a chiseled architectural style.

I wanted to customize the typeset wordmark so I began working on creating a serif version of Neutraface which would give the letters more of a historical look.
Prepping the chisel patterns on the letters before bringing them to Cinema 4D.
Extruding and modeling in Cinema 4D.
Final render of the logotype including lighting and texturing.
Process: The Animation

The next phase of this project involved creating the animation. I began looking through the digital archives from the Library of Congress to find some inspiration or visuals to use for this project.
I became interested in some of the historical archtectural images that I was finding and made a few selections to put together a rough storyboard.
I wanted to use the lettering I created within the scenes and treat them as architectural items themselves so I chose an approach that implemented them into the landscapes.
Now that I had chosen some images to work with, I decided that I wanted the animation to have a parallax effect giving the impression of "zooming" into the original image.
Based on the final render size & proportions I had to edit down the original image and plan for how the parallax effect would be achieved.
Calculating the approximate perspective for the final chiseled letters.
Once I knew the positioning and scale of the 3-dimensional letters, I rendered them separately in Cinema 4D before importing them into AfterEffects.
While I was in the process of silhouetting the layers of buildings in Photoshop, I also wanted to bring the photos to life by coloring them in with muted tones.
An early rendering of the scene before I had figured out the texturing style that I wanted to use in the animation. The sky was added as a video asset behind the layers in AfterEffects.
The final scene after some color treatment and other refinements.
Client: NBC Universal
Producer: TJ Allard
Art direction: John Christon


I concepted, designed, and animated this motion graphics show package for a new show on NBC's Cozi TV called Foundations. This show package inclu Read More