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    Touchscreen applications for the National Museum of Cars in Turin.
"MAUTO" - National Car Museum in Turin
Permanent museum - Torino, Italy
In 2011, the italian National Car Museum in Turin re-opened after a vast restoration work. Of course many new audiovisual contents had to be added, and I was assigned to produce some touchscreen applications, that help the visitor to explore the hundreds of objects exposed. For the "Engine Hall" I composed a special orchestral-electroacustical piece named "Mechanical Symphony", that accompanies the visit and the engines' movements.

Tasks: actionscript coding, sound design, composition.

Made with Asteria Multimedia
Exhibition design by Francois Confino and Studio LLTT
The "Automobilissimo" wall is covered by giant touchscreens, which allow visitors to vote their preferred car.
The engine hall is completed by touchscreen points that help in exploring the technical details of the engines.
"Sinfonia Meccanica" is a 12 minutes long piece for small string section, piano and electronics, designed to run together with all the attractions in the engine hall. Here is an excerpt.