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    Coffee Olympic

Coffee Olympic

once you are working as a designer,
turning on the photoshop and illustrator,
having a sip of coffee around 2 am. Designer's coffee olympic will be started.
How much of coffee will be needed to go through dawn?
How much of coffee does it need to put up with the life of designer?
Give up, or Going through. Who will be the last winner?
Which coffee will be your best partner to go with you to Coffee olympic,
Starbucks? a can of coffee? or a coffee from vending machine?
Like any other days, in dawn working with a cup of americano,
my coffee olympic will be keep going until putting a gold medal on hand. Faster , Higher , Stronger .
If there is a common between a coffee and a coffee's typography,
it will be just the density of a coffee. Depending on the density of a coffee,
typography's taste also could be various. It can be an americano which is subtle or deep espresso. The taste of a coffee's typography sweetly soaked into a crunched paper. :-)

At dawn designers are still burning their desire to make great work as depending on a cup of coffee. With this motive I imagine a Coffee Olympic that all the designers ardently run through
the same moment with their own typical coffee.