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    We were challenged to help our client NSART to come up with a system to "give americans a better night's sleep".
Creating synergy in the Sleep industry
Helping NSART to come up with a system to "give americans a better night's sleep".

Key Insight:
People are not aware of sleeping disorders let alone know about how to treat them.

Creating awareness of sleep disorders is the first step to a better sleep.
Zleep as described by the system diagram above was to become a facilitator between developers creating sleep related products and researchers. Developers would include software and hardware product creators and researchers would include the academia, government institutions and independent organizations.

Zleep would become a one stop shop for all things sleep. And the NSART are in an ideal position to do this. The Zleep app is an application on the iPhone that is able to track your sleeping patterns based on your movements while sleeping and be able to diagnose and advise you on how you can have a better night's sleep. Motivation is set up through rewards and badges, and a personal coach is available to guide you through the entire thing. You are also able to compete with your friends on sleep-offs.
The marketing campaign was set up to take advantage of social media and use guerrilla crowd sourced methods to get the word out. A massive pillow fight with 10,000 people in Central Park, NY would be a great way to help raise awareness about the issue.
There were multiple revenue streams as identified in the model. From access fee for the zleep database to licensing fees of a seal of quality, there were several revenue streams identified to ensure the success of the business.

Hugo Giralt Echevarria
Jan Lienhard
Siddharth Vanchinathan