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    My senior project from Spring 2010. Re-imagining and designing the Broadway play, Cabaret as a German Expressionist piece.
Re-Imagining a Broadway Classic
Berlin, 1939.
An American writer meets a hedonistic cabaret singer in a dark and dingy nightclub. They live in decadent bliss even as the Nazi party begins its rise to power. Eventually each much decide to face or deny the world that is crumbling around them.

In my senior year at ArtCenter, I decided that our auditorium needed to be used for a real theatrical production. My good friend and classmate Mike Rios recommended I pursue the project for my grad show. With his support and that of many others, I led a team of my classmates in re-imagining one of my favorite shows as a German Expressionist fever dream.

 The intent was to mount the show and premiere it after selling tickets for the limited run during graduation. However, lack of funding threw a wrench in our machine. I still wanted to show that I could take a design on paper and create something real from it, and so enlisted the help of friends to bring to life my favorite designs for the show. I had two of these on live models at my wall space during grad show, which made for quite the photo op.

I still dream of bringing this production to full reality. What follows here is my own contribution to this very large idea baby still waiting to be born.