Volée is an interior design company based in Bulgaria. The name of the studio comes from french - volée means flight. They believe in freedom of creativity and simplicity of design. 
The making of the branding started with ten different options for logo. After the first selection phase a number of six were approved for further development. 
After presenting concepts for business cards for each one of the six chosen logo options, the client finally was ready to make a choice.
Valentine's day card and envelope. 
Project by OBLAKK

Art Direction: Desislava Sredkova
Logoes: Desislava Sredkova, Lilia Petrova, Vyara Peneva, Jordan Terziyski
Concept Development: Desislava Sredkova
Presentation: Desislava Sredkova

Client: Simona Stoyanova, Volée Design Studio
Year: 2015
All photoes of interiors are used only for presentation purposes and belong to their respective owners.
Volée Design Studio | Branding