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    Corporate identity created for the home SMLsystem University CEU Cardenal Herrera.
SMLsystem Corporate Identity
Decathlon Europe 2012.UCH- CEU 
SMLsystem is home to represent the University CEU Cardenal Herrera in the international competition Decathlon Europe 2012.

The solar house SMLsystem further research about the composition by modules that won the test with SMLhouse Industrialization in 2010. The house grows by adding industrial modules, once built and equipped with basic furniture and built, moved and assembled on the ground, according to user needs and use (family home, second home, workplace , temporary housing, etc.)..

 In this character is designed for modular growth of the brand's own house, which works the internal modules that are morphologically typeface.This would have eliminated the modules that are repeated in each letter, leading to a minimum readability of the typography and playing with our visual acuity, which fills in the blank spaces by entirely possible to read.
This way of working internal modules typography creates a direct relationship with the philosophy of SML System and thus keeps a link between the project and its corporate brand.