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    Collection of work.
2011 Dump
Miscellaneous stuff - from portraits to commissions to colors.
Some personal work and works in progress..
Kid Cudi portrait.
Portraits of my girlfriend's family members.
Kirby Head. Progress can be seen at my blog.
Stay Puft Marshmallow Man 2.
Desert Eagle. Working on a cool design to draw on it.
Personal piece. Working on adding more stuff coming out of the ground.
Commissioned work.
Darth Nerd. Piece done for an article in Wired Magazine.
Cool brothers portrait.
Androids done for Android Central.
A family portrait.
The Hound. Book cover.
Drawn by other people, digitally colored by me.
Lines by Chili.
Doodles & sketches.
Airplane flight doodles with Chili.
Canti & Mamimi fan art from FLCL.
Warm up sketch.