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    This is an assignment for a NGO working with community development in Maharashtra, India
NGO-Project - Drops Of Life
The tribal people in Maharashtra, India have for centuries been living in the shadow of main society. Their villages are situated far from the cities and due to lack of sufficient water they face a lot of problems. Fetching water is normally a woman’s responsibility and women go for miles to fetch water, especially during the dry season when the wells, rivers and streams dry out. Since the distance between the water source and the home is long, they are forced to carry heavy loads of water, often between 50-80 liters at a time. This leads to back and joint pain at an early age.

The main occupation of tribal people is farming and they are dependent on sufficient rain water to survive. Access to water is a silent emergency that affects the poorest in the world, especially young children. In Africa and Asia young girls and women spend more than 40 billion hours to fetch water. This burden makes it difficult for women and girls to participate in activities such as education, paid employment, cultural and political engagement, rest and recreation. 87 out of 1,000 Indian children die before their fifth birthday, mostly from water borne diseases, diarrhea and other ailments that could have been prevented.