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Precision Unmatched
Kalos Corp. is an engineering consulting group based out of Dallas, Texas. They specialize in solving demanding construction problems in complicated structures. After successfully working with Richard Meier & Associates on the Paley Center for Media, Kalos Corp. began thinking about branding their group to celebrate their burgeoning success.

They desired a logo mark that was simultaneously complex and elegant. They wanted it to be clear that their business was centered around large projects of a high profile nature. They wanted it to evoke a sense of "cerebral strength"

Instead of abstracting the group's ideals, a unique direction was put forth to define the mark by an actual project they had done. The Paley Center for Media being their high success at the time seemed like a great starting point. After exploring the structure, taking over 300 photos, making several sketches and even taking textural rubbings the logo went into development. The resulting mark was heralded by the group and applauded for successfully reaching it design goals. The logo process was later expanded into a brochure design used by the sales team.
A company profile was designed and printed to document and communicate the expertise of Kalos Corp.
Over 300 photos were shot at the location to garner an understanding and appreciation for Kalos' work and industry. This research was directed into the design process when creating the concept for the logo mark.
Initially, the aesthetic of the logo had several design paths. Only after thorough investigation and exploration was a primary directions settled on: a photo taken at the complex (left). This photo was hand processed through several rounds of "tissue" paper roughs (middle) to refine the angles and shapes of the positive and negative spaces. Finally it was scanned and traced in the computer using vector curves.
Color palette study for the Kalos profile brochure.
Several rubbings (ink and charcoal) were carefully lifted from the various textures on the building. Grates, wall fixtures, stone and metal were all used to capture the essence of the structure. These textures were later incorporated into the company's profile brochure.
Palfinger Distributor
Performance Lifts, Inc. distributes the German engineered Palfinger forklifts in the Western United States. These lifts are rugged and yet highly sophisticated pieces of machinery. Performance Lifts sought to encompass the spirit of their product in a professional identity system.
For this identity system a fractal design based on the logo mark was created to keep unification in the line angles and shape of the planes.
The performance lifts website followed suite in the branding and identity strategy.