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quip | Modern Oral Care. Delivered

quip | Oral Care re-designed for the modern healthy lifestyle, Engineered to help do the basics (we all ignore) better and delivered to your door when you need it most
PROJECT HISTORY | As you can track in my previous project "byDEFAULT", quip was originally born out of an unsuccesful Indieogo campaign at the end of 2013. The learnings from that campaign, the hunt for Angel investment (which we recieved in 2014 from backers of Harry's and Warby Parker) and the journey from concept, to campaign to production have provided some invredible lessons. When time frees up more, I would love to help answer any questions you have about my learning about this process. I know many Industrial Designers are as intruiged as I was to know how it all works!
OVERVIEW | Founded with the belief that good design offered more effective solutions to personal care than gimmicks and technology, quip addresses oral health through beautiful, simple, and affordable products.
To improve oral care, quip needed to address the biggest issues: half of the U.S. population does not brush twice a day, most don’t brush for a full two minutes, and 75% don’t replace their brush head every 3 months as recommended.  quip decided to make a toothbrush that addressed those problems head on without the useless cost of superfluous features.
The aim is to elevate the daily tooth-brushing chore into an engaging ritual like make-up, hair care and the rest of our daily routine and, in doing so, alter attitudes and eliminate bad habits. Launching with a slim, travel ready, electric toothbrush and convenient brush head and toothpaste refill delivery subscription, quip offers a more simple, and effective brushing experience that "does the basics better” and improves oral health at its base level.  
EFFORTLESS SUPPLIES | Brush Head & Toothpaste refills are delivered every three months to ensure brushes are replaced on time as recommended.  Priced at only $ each with free shipping, they compare favorably with major brand heads at prices upwards of $30.
EFFICIENT CONTROLS | quip's toothbrush has the same premium vibration and 2 minute timer training modes only found on expensive brushes. This educates correct & efficient technique without the usual bulk, cost, or gimmicks.
CONVENIENT STORAGE | Each brush is packaged in a cap designed to stand on its own or suction mount to mirror for more convenient & hygienic storage away from other brushes & the toilet. The cap also doubles as a minimal travel case.
ENGAGING DESIGN | quip's brush is minimal and thoughtful in its design; it’s aimed to match your lifestyle and engage you with brushing and ultimately promote greater health and wellbeing.  Users can choose from a continuously evolving collection of handles, starting with premium matte plastic or brushed aluminum.
AFFORDABLE PREMIUM | With manual brushes delivered for $5, electric brushes starting at $25 and head or toothpaste refills shipped free every 3 months for $5, quip's prices hugely undercut the expensive electric head replacement market.
CONVENIENTLY HEALTHY | With Harry's, Birchbox and many more, personal hygiene has become more convenient through subscriptions, but with only 25% of the public replacing their toothbrush every 3 months as dentists recommend, there is a tremendous opportunity for quip to go beyond convenience and genuinely improve oral health with subscription supplies that prompt users to change on time. 
TRANSPARENT TOUCHES |  AlthoUgh we still have plenty more transparency and ecofriendly initiatives to come, we have tried to start the ball rolling with small touches here and there that suggest our companies conciousness. We provide a guide for using a pea-sized amount of toothbrush (as recommended by dentists) which not only makes you brush better, but also makes you waste les and allows us to tell you, in real life terms, how long a tube will last (top image). We have also found a great solution for our brush head delivery packaging by using Pre-Form soda bottles ( water bottles before they are blow moulded into bottles) which are hugely available and fully recyclable and also cut out the blow moulding process from the production chain
GRAPHICS AND BRANDING | launching on a tight budget has meant, so far, I have been the driving force behind all photography, ad design, graphic design and branding design across social media and our own materials. A focus on simple, clean, modern with a color palette of our "mint" accent color and clean greys and whites
AVAILABLE NOW ! As well as comments and appreciations, we would you to try out our product by purchasing one of our brushes using the link below and joining the movement for better oral care! 
quip | Modern Oral Care. Delivered

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quip | Modern Oral Care. Delivered

quip is Oral Care re-designed for the modern lifestyle, engineered to help do the basics (we ignore) better and delivered to your door when you n Read More