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    Book about Light for designer Svante Pettersson
Design and produce an educational and inspirational book for light designer Svante Pettersson.
A book that showcases a selection of experiments and illustrations of how light work. From a design perspective we wanted to incorporate light aspects through out the entire book. The cover is designed with a holographic foil. This gives the viewer a different experience of the cover depending on which environment they are in and what angle they hold the book. All linking back to Svantes ideas on the experience of light. The chapters are split up by a colour spectrum and we designed a specific “light” typeface for this project. The typeface is made out of neon light tubes.
Size: 198x244mm
Pages: 310
Paper inside: Munken print white 150g
Cover: Geltex white with embossing and black print with holographic foil.
Launch pictures.