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    Various graphic design
I have worked on many graphic design projects. These vary from designs that will be printed, to web graphics, to simply art. Here is a selection.
Grow Your Own tote bag:
This design was created for a Kickstarter campaign for growstuff.org. This design was printed on tote bags and given to those who donated at a certain tier.
Boatse decal:
This image was created as the "logo" of sorts for the boat named Boatse, based out of Seattle WA.
Walnuts illustration:
Logo for Osmosis Security:
This was a computer security company based on San Francisco. The founder wanted a logo that represented a theme of safety and security without drawing on traditional and overused graphics such as a shield or lock.
I decided that multiple, overlapping doors would emphasize ideas such as opening and closing, locking and unlocking, multiple layers of security, as well as backdoors.
Logo for Open Diversity Data:
This was a projected created to highlight which tech companies had not yet released their diversity data publicly. The site consisted of a list of companies with a button next to their name, allowing you to tweet at them directly, using a Twitter account, if they hadn't released this data.
I wanted the logo to represent lines of data, as well as the hashtag commonly used on Twitter.
Cupcake graphics:
These illustrations were used in a mockup for a cupcake delivery service.