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Qazaq banki calendar
Cover drawn in the form of a shield
Why swallow tail horns?
In ancient times all life was subordinated to the snake Hideharu. Once the serpent gave the mosquito a mission to find out who in the world the most delicious blood that Aydahar and began to eat. Long mosquito fly around the world and found that the most delicious blood in humans. On the way back he met the swallow, which elicited from the mosquito targets a snake. Swallow, determined to protect human, pulled out the mosquito part of the sting, and he could not tell snake the truth. Swallow said Hideharu that the most delicious blood... himself. The serpent was angry and wanted to grab a swallow, but she dodged, and aydahar only managed to pull out of the tail. Since then he she be bifurcated.
The tale tells the story of a wise old man, who managed to avoid death thanks to his resourcefulness. Deshti Jochi, son of Genghis Khan, returning from victory, decides to have fun and goes on the hunt, where the dies from the hooves of the wounded leader of onagers. Sensing something was wrong, Genghis Khan threatens to execute anyone who brings him bad news. To report the death of the son of Genghis Khan solved a wise old man who, wishing to avoid the penalty, reports the news of the incident in cuers is a traditional Kazakh instrumental piece, usually performed on the lute. Genghis Khan, a melody which told of the death of his son, was not able to execute the elder. In order not to break the word he gave the order to fill the dombra – Bulletin of grief molten lead. The heat burst the strings except two, and in the lute appeared a hole, trace of wrath of Khan and testimony of courage and resourcefulness of the great kuishi.
The legend of the dancing birches
Close to the lake Burabay people lived, young people who were skilled in poetry, singing and dance. Their skill in these arts they honed in games, competitions and festivals. The news about this nation spread so far that the Khan decided to look at the fun the young people on the lake. His whole entourage scared to be gay people, so he took with him only one servant, and himself clothed with the dress of the poor. The party was in full swing, it was the turn of the dancing girls in filmy silk white robes. The girls moved so elegantly and gracefully that it seemed as if they have no body. Khan, delighted with the dance, did not restrain exclamations of delight and gave himself. At this point, all the participants learned of the Governor, rushed to greet him. Girl froze in confusion, and the great Tengri stopped forever the moment, turning them into white birch, swirling to this day in a whirlwind of dance.
Kyz Zhibek
The story is about love boys Tolegen for the beautiful Kyz-Zhibek. Tolegen born into a family of rich Baseba. Appeared after a series of deaths of his brothers, the boy was pampered and petted. Becoming a young man, rebellious and headstrong Tolegen contrary to tradition he sets out in search of love and meets her away from home. He falls in love at first sight in the daughter of the head of another kind – the incomparable Kyz-Zhibek "Lady Silk". The heart of the proud beauty is also inferior to the charm of Tolegen. But their happiness was not destined to last long. Rival Tolegen – Bekezhan, not willing to suffer defeat in matters of love, kills Tolegen. And all-taki to win the hand of Kyz Zhibek the Bekezhan fails – she is not willing to forget Tolegen.
Er Targyn
Er Targyn – the brave warrior who came from the common people. He sought to unite people in the fight for justice. His heart swelled with love for his people, his native land. Together with other valiant warriors, he defended the native land from foreign invaders, resisted the evil, and exhorted all to unity and the cessation of civil wars. Beautiful AK-Zhunus – his faithful friend supported him and believed that on the land there's peace and quiet. Many outstanding feats have made Er Targyn in the name of the people. Thanks to his bravery the people have saved the earth and perk, legends and stories about the brave warrior was transferred from mouth to mouth, and Er Targyn became the hero of folklore and heroic epics.
The legend about Korkyt.
The mother of the Korkyt wore in the belly of the child three years and nine days. When she had to give away, a strong wind arose and thunder boomed, lightning flashed. This so frightened the others that the baby was named by Korkyt – "ustrali". The boy is still in childhood learned to play all known musical instruments. But the Crust needed a special tool that would be able to convey the voices of animals and birds, the sound of rain, grass and trees, the thunder. Once the Crust is in the dream an angel appeared and told how to be this magical tool. Waking up, the young man set to work, and from his hands came the first kobyz. Sounds of kobyz was enchanted, all alive. Hearing the game of Korkyt, froze and the people and animals. To a ripe old age Korkyt lived, people called sage "ATA – grandfather. But their way of life, Korkyt-ATA has found immortality in the hearts of people as a sage and a musician.
Bird Samruk
According to legend, in the desert there was the tree of knowledge – Baiterek. The whole world stood on this mighty tree, its roots went deep into the ground, the trunk was visible on the surface, and its crown was lost sight of in the clouds. Living in the branches of the tree, the bird Samruk decide who is worthy to ascend to heaven and who is not. There was no one in the area prettier and fairer this bird. As God's messenger, she clearly was able to separate sinful man from the righteous. Only standing before her, people could have the chance to know the divine mystery. Thus, there were an implicit call to fight the evils within ourselves and the desire to know divine truth.
One rich man had several sons and only daughter, whom he wanted to marry a rich husband. But as fate young beauty fell in love with a poor but handsome guy. Not having received a father's blessing, a boy and a girl fled to the lake Burabay, where they began to live together. The rich man was told to return the rebellious daughter and her lover to kill. Soon young found, but they escaped, swimming away from pursuers in a boat in the middle of the lake. However, the assassins came upon the young man and the girl, not wanting to submit to his fate, turned to stone, which is still reminiscent of this sad story.
Wise Zhirenshe and beautiful Karashash
This story is about the power of love ordinary men and women – the poor, the humble, but pure soul and thoughts, strong spirit people. Once obidevshis, they could no longer imagine life without each other and, with the blessing of the girl's father, were married. Envious Khan wanted to separate the couple to take the beautiful Karashash wife, but the couple did stand against his wiles, and lived together until old age. First died Karashash, and soon Gerencie. A faithful husband was never able to come to terms with the loss of a loved one.
Lived at one time in the light of Zengi-Baba is the patron Saint of cattle. On whoever he looked, all became rich. Were people to use it, all strove to get into his eyes. Found out about this Zengi-Baba and the appearance of people began to the side to look away. Wanted to try their luck to one poor person. He scored his last camel and his effigy, stuffed with hay, on his back took and went. People who met him marveled at this miracle – a camel at the man on his way. Zengi-Baba could not resist and also decided to see everything. And so it became the poor man in a moment rich.
Mountain Okzhetpes
Returning from a victorious campaign, Abylai Khan and his associates is located at the foot of the mountains of lake Burabay and began to divide the spoils of war. All shared, in addition to the beautiful Kalmyk. Some brave warriors wanted to marry her, each for its merits had a right to the prisoner. Abylai gave the girl the right to select her own husband. Belle ascended the mountain and raised his hand a white handkerchief. Whose arrow pierced the shawl, and he took to wife Kalmyk. Draw the arrow never hit the target. The enraged Khan ordered beauty down, but the proud prisoner rushed into the waters of the lake. And high rock were called Okzhetpes, which means "did not fly arrow".
Beauty Malhan
About Malhan steppe spoke well before her birth. The sages predicted the appearance of a beautiful girl, artists painted her portraits. One Khan, seeing this portrait, fell in love with Malhan and vowed to marry her as soon as she was born. But the trouble is that the way beauty fell in love and the only son of Khan. And he was destined to go in search of the Khan's bride and bring her to the land of his father. Khan decided to get rid of the son of the opponent, but to escape death they helped each son of the Khan's vizier. Being able to overcome all obstacles, the son of Khan and beautiful Malhan joined their destinies – their marriage was happy and lasted long time.
Cover drawn in the form of a shield
Qazaq banki calendar


Qazaq banki calendar

Each month of the calendar tells us one of the most famous Kazakh fairy tales.