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    Illustration pack - 01, all created by Kath from Seventy Two over the time. Client, self initiated, fun work.
Illustration pack - 01 
All created by Kath from Seventy Two over the time. Some illustrations are client work, some self initiated work and some were created just for fun. Enjoy!
100 Girls 2014.
Started to work on 100 portraits. The idea was to finish them in 365 days. They are not done yet!
Bossa Nova 2014.
Since I am a great jazz lover, I created a work for some jazz album cover. 

Hunter 2014.
As I am always inspired by wild nature and dark things - I created a girl with a gun representing a battle we all have to win if we wanna become someone.

Passion 2014.
This piece is my earliest work when I was trying to figure out my own stye.

James 2014.
I am a great fan of music and if I found some cool artist in the music industry, I will always found time to create a piece inspried by them. This is one of it.

Ice Queen 2014.
I had fun with this piece of work but it didn't end up as I thought it will - but, it's still a piece of me and my own thought I had in that time.

I Love You 2014.
One of my favourite. This was created for the Spotify contest and I really really really enjoyed working on this. I place every single thought on this one. Unfortunately, didn't win the contest but the experience was amazing.