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Grotesques of the 1990s

This series of paintings is about very interesting and unique period that happened in so called Eastern bloc. In 1991 Soviet Union found itself collapsed and, in my opinion, pseudo-socialisim was changed by wild capitalism. 
There were tons of grotesque during that period. Here is only a little fragment of it.
Merchant from the 90ies (inspired by Rembrand'ts portrait of Nicolaes Ruts)
Acrylic on canvas, 30x40cm
The Bag
Polypropylene,  27x25 cm
To avoid problems on a customs, some merchants simply weared all their goods during a flight check in.
Trait #2
Oil on canvas, 20x30cm
Combing ceremony
Oil on canvas, 37x59cm
Bathing ceremony
Oil on canvas, 32x22cm
To avoid paying bills it was common to put a magnet on the water counter to make it stuck.
Last hero
Oil on canvas, 59x92cm
Many values changed dramatically. No more factory workers as a heroes on a propaganda posters. 
Domestic exercises
Oil on cardboard, 23x15cm
Martials arts became some sort of a cult.
TV sleep
Oil on canvas, 83x75cm
Some TV programmes started to run overnight.
Trait #3
Oil on canvas, 30x40cm
Trait #5
Oil on canvas, 35x40cm
Trait #8
Oil on canvas, 44x60cm
Mr. Franklin looks from the other side of a fence
Oil on canvas, 20x15cm
Peace of a greenish paper with this face was really something back then. Simply put, foreign currency became much more stable, reliable and desirable than a national one for about a decade.
Thank you.
Grotesques of the 1990s

Grotesques of the 1990s

Series of paintings about the 90ies in the Eastern Europe.


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