One of the practices I try to achieve when I am design work, is simplification.
The following three examples of musical instruments are a good definition of this.
The above image is the first illustration of a guitar in simplified form.
It was based on the notion of knowing how to represent the object in a different way, but with minimal shapes and to be recognisable as a guitar.
This was the second of the three instrument designs. It was of a violin.
The shapes had to be a little more complex as the bridge could not be seen from above, and so I had to represent it with the shadow.
Another simplified form. This time of a part of the piano keyboard.
Again, shadows played an important part in the making of this form as being more dimensional.
This was the first illustration I attempted using the new pencil technique/paint option.
I wanted to represent the idea of the Noel Coward song "Mad Dogs and Englishmen"
This has been written in the back of the piece as a representation of the image.
The idea is that the dog is aristocratic and enjoys, like most Englishmen, a gentle and quiet cup of tea.

The sketch was completed and cleaned using a 3B pencil. Scanned into Photoshop and then separate layers were built up for each of the elements.