Mark Lascelles Thornton’s work is very much created in response to the ever-more technologically leaning world. The lines that he draws on paper, almost represent a distant memory from the past. His creative ideas mostly revolve around envisaging a seamless link between the past, the present, and the future.

The logo concept comes from the combination of three elements: the geometric patterns created by the shapes and forms which the artist is using in the black backgrounds of his latest projects; his initials; the hexagon.

The dark backgrounds of his ‘Moons’ and his ‘Widmanstatten project’ are inspired by Widmanstatten patterns, figures of long nickel-iron crystals, consisted of a fine interleaving of alloys bands or ribbons.

All the shapes and patterns are designed with an isometric grid, from which thin lines emerge, incorporating the ones of the initials form, all fitted together like a puzzle and framed in a hexagon.

The work includes the design of different materials, printed and digital, such as web pages, business card, letterhead, materials for social media platforms.

Web Development: Daniele Piccone