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    Set Design: Annie Zeng, Lenora Rigoni Art Direction & Photography: Matt Fry Retouching: Annie Zeng, Matt Fry

Thingmade is a boutique shop powered by Madwell, a Brooklyn-based creative agency.

I worked on a series of product photography for the launch of the Thingmade website. 
At the time, Thingmade had four creations in its universe, three of which were inspired by Susan Kare.

1 - A four-piece set of glassware (also known as Stumblers) printed with pixel icons suggestive of alcohol-induced hallucinations
2 - A cotton tee named Love is War and silkscreened with a sequence of bombs forming the universal symbol of affection
3 - An ashy soot-colored wool cap for the modern-day conqueror, embroidered with a viking helmet icon

The fourth creation is a Thingmade original, a Gyroscopic Illuminated Figure (GIF). An analog spin on the familiar digital loading sequence, the Gyroscopic Illuminated Figure takes a symbol of anticipation, frustration, and promise and extends it indefinitely.