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    The process of designing a poster with prior direction planning.
Conceptual Poster Design
Pick a show/play/book and design poster centered around a theme. The design must be driven by a main word or words which could sufficiently summarize a theme in the story.
The Book:
I selected The Great Gatsby as my source material
I centered my work around the words GRAND and DIZZYING.
The elements I wanted to include involved Gatsby's stature, the green light, alcohol, Daisy's unobtainability.
Sketching rough work proved challanging since a lot of the ideas I was drawing from were based off Like Minded Studio's work with The Great Gatsby Movie. Once again we were required to keep the posters in black&white format until the finished process, so I began my sketching process directly in Illustrator.
My instructor encouraged me to switch over to Photoshop and use reference materials of artwork and fashion from the 1920s to help me steer in the right direction.
Overall critique was that the poster reminded people more of James Bond than Gatsby and that there was no implication of GRAND.
The fireworks poster was a step in the right direction conceptually but was far too simple. I was also informed that the final poster would require more photographic content.
I began focusing more on the alcohol and unobtainable elements. I asked for help from my friend who works with photography.
The Final Poster
The final poster included the green light across the bay, the grand stature of Gatsby, the fading unobtainable Daisy, and the dizzying effect of the fireworks.