A personal animation project I am curently working on, the working title of which is VPN. This guy is the V.
This character is a super low-res, super simplistic Viking with a heavy personality.  He was modelled, rigged and animated in 3Ds Max, rendered using Final Render and then comped together along with facial animation in After Effects.
Animation Tests
To test the rig, I set out to animate two cycles with an interconnecting animation of some kind, but of a sort that would portray the personality of the character. With the Viking, he goes from a normal run cyle to a gorrilla-esque quadraped gallop via a roll and leap.
As the project is soley about the animation, I could allow myself to get away with a verly low res, modular  mode. This also meant I didn't have to spend much time worrying about skinning and weights, and jump streight into the animation. I created a simple skeleton structure and control system to animate the 3D model, to which I added certain parts to have greater control over the knees, elbows and shoulder pads. Each limb has an IK/FK switch, but didnt feel the need to make bendy bones or IK splines.
Lastly, I animated the face in After Effects using a series of simple shapes. Using state-sets from 3Ds Max to export the cameras and face plate, I was able to create a dynamic link which meant the face in AE would automatically update in the master comp. I then used an object ID pass to make sure that it sat in place correctly.
To comp it all together I used a beauty pass, Object ID and Ambient Occlusion.
Cheers guys, and Thanks for watching!